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Quran Competition Underway for Children with Disabilities

An international Quran competition is being held in the Saudi Arabian city of Abha for children with disabilities.
This is the 18th edition of the international contest which started on Monday, March 17, Watanonline website reported.
Children from Saudi Arabia and a number of other Persian Gulf countries are competing in different categories of the event.
Abdel Azizi Al-Sabihin, secretary of the competition, said invitations had been sent for 100 institutes and centers taking care of children with disabilities and 149 were introduced to attend the preliminary stage of the contest.
He said 68 have made it to the final stage of the contest, which is currently underway in Qasr Hotel in the city of Abha.
The competition is said to have been received well by educational and charity organizations and Quran memorization centers in Persian Gulf states.

Source: IQNA