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Eating Canned Tuna Fish

Q: Canned tuna fish is sold in western countries and usually represent a perfect solution for many Muslims there when they fail to find ḥalāl meat. Question: Is it allowed to eat tuna fish cans when it is impossible to know whether it died after taking them out of water?
A: For scaled fish to be ḥalāl one should be certain that a human being took it out alive from water and it died outside water; otherwise, eating it is impermissible. In this ruling, there is no difference between canned tuna fish or other kinds of fish. However, if it is imported from Muslim countries, it is ruled to be ḥalāl. Also, if one doubts as to whether it has scales or not, it is apparently ruled as ḥalāl unless the opposite is known.

Source: Shafaqna