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Italian photographer hold Ashura photo exhibition in Rome

An Italian photographer held a photo exhibition of Iran's Ashura mourning ceremonies in Rom.

Ms. Claudia Borja who had traveled to Iran last year, during month of Muharram, portrayed parts of Iran's Ashura mourning rituals in this exhibition.

"By holding this exhibition I hope to introduce Imam Hussain and the event of Ashra to Italians. I would like people of my country to know the concept of martyrdom in Islam and the many sacrifices that Imam Hussain made for justice and against oppression," Borja said.

"Ashura mourning ceremonies in Iran affected me so much that I cried for Imam Hussain like Iranian mourners," she added, while speaking about her travel to Iran.

More than 40 photos are put on display in this exhibition.

Source: ABNA