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Celebrating RE – Crest Academy students visit

Students from the Crest Academy (boys) in North London came to visit our Islamic RE exhibition at the Centre on Thursday 10th of March. The exhibition which was set up in conjunction with an initiative launched by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales runs from 1st to the 15th of March. Students were given a brief introduction to the activities of the Islamic Centre and its history with a guided tour. Artefacts ranging from Quranic calligraphy, handicrafts, to photo exhibition of Islamic buildings were put on display. The visitors were addressed by Seyyed Razawi who discussed the Family Values from an Islamic perspective.
A calligrapher was also available to show one of the most developed arts in the Islamic world which is calligraphy. The visitors had the opportunity to have their names written in Persian calligraphy to take away with them.