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The holy tomb of prominent Shiite figure, 'Sheikh Ahmad Qomi' in Ayutthaya, Thailand

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Governor of Ayutthaya, mayor of Qom and other officials from Iran and Thailand attended a ceremony in honour of top Shiite figure, Sheikh Ahmad Qomi, in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Sheikh Ahmad Qomi (Qummi) was born in 1543 in Paeene Shahar district of Qom city of Iran and was highly educated and qualified in the teachings of the Islamic religious scriptures. He was a top Shiite religious cleric. The exact year that Ahmad came to Siam with his younger brother Muhammad Said, is
disputed. Some sources stated 1602, other 1603 and 1605. Both brothers and their retinue set up their residential in Ayutthaya.

According to Thai Shias, Sheikh Ahmad was the first person who introduced Shiite doctrine in Thailand.

Sheikh Ahmad passed away in 1631 at the old age of 88 years. Tomb of Sheikh Ahmed Qummi is now in Ayutthaya Teachers College.

The 2nd edition of Iran-Thailand joint Cultural Week with the motto of "Qom- Ayutthaya, Walk through the Better Future" held at historical city of Ayutthaya, Thailand on May 2013.

The 2nd edition of Iran-Thailand joint Cultural Week held with the attendance of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations deputy Dr Mansour Etesami and more than 50 Iranian artists at historical city of Ayutthaya, Thailand