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The Woolwich Attack

In the Name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

The news of the Woolwich terrorist act which led to the death of a British citizen was shocking and dreadful.  We at the Islamic Centre of England were shaken not only by the perpetration of such a crime but by the brutality of the act which took place in broad daylight before the eyes of passersby.

We, at the Islamic Centre of England strongly denounce such cruel crimes as being far from the teachings of Islam. Such acts can only originate from perverted and takfiri (infidel-accusing) minds that believe in a deviant interpretation of Islam and regard their ignorance to be the ultimate truth.
It is not only the streets of London that are now becoming a place for such brutality. The Muslim world has long been a witness to the death of innocent people by followers of such a depraved ideology on a daily basis. It is unfortunate to see that some of these groups are now supported by British foreign policy. 

We call upon all religious leaders of the world to condemn such barbaric acts wherever and whenever they take place and to struggle towards eradicating such immoral ideas which are unfortunately being attributed to Islam. 

God invites to the abode of peace and guides whom he will to a straight path. (Quran: 10:25)

The Islamic Centre of England