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25,000 British pilgrims expected to perform Hajj this year

About 25,000 people from the United Kingdom are expected to perform the hajj pilgrimage this year.


Travel agencies in the United Kingdom are distributing manuals which explain the many detailed religious laws and issues regarding the hajj pilgrimage in order that the pilgrims are aware of their increased religious responsibilities.



The British Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art, which are both in London, have announced that they are going to mark the beginning of the Hajj season in Makkah on Wednesday, October 9 with photo exhibition.



The main theme of the exhibition is in regards to the pilgrimage to Makkah from past centuries until the present. The exhibition will present the photographs and experiences of the pilgrims to the Holy House of God, known as the Ka’bah.


The exhibition also includes a special section that is dedicated to the oral history and artefacts of pilgrims from Qatar.

Source: Rasa