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“West, Islam, Cultural Challenges” Int’l Conference: Paper Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline for submission of papers to the international conference on “West, Islam and Cultural Challenges” was extended by January 5, 2014.
Hadi Hashemi, secretary of the executive committee of the conference told IQNA that the call for the international program was announced on October 4 by the research deputy of Al-Mustafa International University’s branch in the holy city of Mashhad.
He added that some 45 papers have been received by the secretariat of the program so far, from among which 18 papers have been written on "cultural approaches of the West to Islam" and 17 others focus on "the opportunity for Islam’s cultural existence in the West".
20 papers have been written by female researchers and 25 others have been sent by male seminarians.
The call for the conference has been announced in Persian, English and Arabic languages in all branches of the international university in Iran and other countries.
Those willing to attend the program can send their works typed in word format in 15 pages at least or in 30 pages at most.
More information about the international conference is available on the website of the research deputy of the university at